The Bright Stars Difference

At Bright Stars Montessori Preschool we have made it our mission to create a fantastic child care centre in Wentworthville that not only provides a safe environment that parents can trust, but also provides a sound educational foundation. Our belief is that every child is unique and has a different learning style which is reflected in the implementation of our program. We aim to embrace this, and allow your child to have the freedom to explore and engage with activities and experiences that allow them to develop at their own pace, all under the watchful eyes of our experienced staff.

For parents interested in Montessori, Wentworthville families can trust the Bright Stars team to deliver on the guidelines of this excellent teaching methodology and philosophy. This means that we are aware of the different developmental and social needs of children in varying ages. Our team are trained to notice the diverse needs, interests, and developmental variations of the children in our care, and understand how to effectively adjust their care approach appropriately.

We aim to be one of the best preschools in Wentworthville by developing positive and supportive relationships with all parents and families, and encourage parents to communicate with us in regards to any issue dealing with the care of their child. This is the Bright Stars promise to you:

Bright Stars Children:

  • Will be provided with a safe, engaging, stimulating environment.
  • Will be appreciated for being unique individuals.
  • Will be encouraged to become independent by nurturing their self-development abilities.  
  • Will be allowed and encouraged to develop a true sense of self esteem and self worth.

Bright Stars Staff:

  • Will provide constant supervision and guidance at all times throughout the day.
  • Will work as a team to ensure the learning environment is always supportive and positive.
  • Will always prioritise the needs and safety of the children.
  • Will always adhere to all government guidelines, regulations, and hygiene practices.
  • Will welcome open communication and feedback from parents and caregivers, and will always carry themselves in a respectful manner.

The Bright Stars difference in a Nutshell:

  • High quality child care Wentworthville parents have come to trust.
  • A Montessori preschool in Wentworthville which delivers peace of mind.
  • Day care Wentworthville residents know will enrich their child’s learning experience.
  • A child care centre Wentworthville parents recommend to their friends.
  • One of the top child care centres Wentworthville has to offer.

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